Friday, October 1, 2010

30/09/2010 Update

- Completed Binary Numbers Assignment and printed it
- Met up with my Assignment 1 partner who is interested in a similar program to Paint.NET called GIMP
- Did some background research on Paint.NET and GIMP and started to formulate my review for the two programs 

Main Audience
  • It is targeted towards average homes users who wish to simply create and edit a picture (crop, resize, retouch). 
    • Contains all of the features Microsoft Paint which comes with (Brushes, importation from cameras and scanners) along with many more features (layers, transparencies)
    • Has a simple and easy to navigate design
    • Also contains layers and transparencies for more advanced users
    • Users can also create Add-ons for the program to add more functionality to it
    • The program also comes with special effects and multiple brushes for users who wish to add an artistic effect
Speed and Stability
  • It is much faster than Photoshop and GIMP during startup due to it being built on Microsofts.NET framework
    • Unfortunately it only runs on Windows operating systems, unlike GIMP which runs on Windows, Mac and Linux 
    • The program is built only for Windows operating system and is far more stable than GIMP 
Price and license
  • Free
  • Proprietary freeware
  • It is similar to Adobe Photoshop which is a Bitmap based program (It is suited for editing digital photographs) not like illustrator which is vector based (suited for digital drawings)
  • Runs only on windows computers
  • Proprietary freeware, not open source (The code inside the program cannot be modified or redistributed, although add-ons are permitted)
  • Due to this, Paint.NET is unable to run from a USB as a portable application
- Still feels like a beta program (The most recent version was recalled due to a fatal bug which caused the program to crash)
- More features than Paint.NET at the cost of startup time
- Roughly 20mb in filesize
- GNU General Public License 

Side Note
UTM Internet was having issues for the majority of the day

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